In 2003 Aasma Dance Company was founded by Mr. Ashish Mathur & Ms. Sonia Verma, who have been collaborating for many years. They have performed together throughout the Europe (Spain, Poland, Germany), Midwest including Norway, Swedeen and many more countries. Their work has been featured in Dance , Around the Bollywood Festival & Hungary Carnival, Open House Dance Collective and Collaborations. Aasma Dance Company believes dance should be created for the audience as well as the dancers. Using observation to fuel their dance liberates them to create outside of the box.

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Mr. Ashish Mathur & Ms. Sonia the director of AASMA Academy of Dance, are known for their innovative style of choreography, their brilliant sense of creativity and not to mention their ability to make ANYONE dance. Dance is an in-born talent for Ashish Mathur & Ms.Sonia They constantly explores within themselves.

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